Healing Impostor Syndrome E-Book

7 Powerful Healing Strategies

With this E-Book, you will learn and begin practicing 7 powerful healing strategies that can improve your Impostor Syndrome. Discover the traits of Impostor Syndrome, determine if you are experiencing it, learn about Impostor thoughts and emotions, and how to reframe them.
With this highly beneficial course, you will learn:
  • Discover 7 healing strategies to break the link between your self-limiting thoughts and how you feel about yourself
  • Find out how to break the Impostor Syndrome cycle of thinking
  • Learn how to reframe your negative thoughts with empowering thoughts
  • Understanding and addressing your emotions and thoughts with these easy but transformational practices will help you regulate your emotions, choose more helpful and compassionate thoughts, and shift you away from Impostor Syndrome.

Your Instructor

Phyllis Reagin
Phyllis Reagin

Phyllis Reagin is a doctoral-trained and seasoned Leadership and Wellbeing Coach who has coached thousands of individuals with Impostor Syndrome. She has 20+ years of coaching and training leaders with improving their confidence so that they can have the impact they desire. Phyllis has graduate degrees and specialized training in Psychology and Neuropsychology.

Phyllis is a big believer in resetting your mindset, beliefs, and expectations. She developed powerful and effective mindset shifts after her personal journey through grief. At eight months pregnant, Phyllis lost her Husband to Cancer. When returning to the professional world after taking time off, she suffered from Impostor Syndrome. Her cognitive reframing practices improved her belief in herself.

Phyllis is a highly-sought personal and professional transformation coach and has been featured in Forbes, ABC News, CBS News, Fox News, NBC News, Success Magazine, and Sirius programs. She coaches professionals from ABC, Amazon Studios, Bravo Networks, Facebook, Hulu, Google, NBCUniversal, Nickelodeon, Netflix, Paramount Studios, Sony Pictures, Spotify, ViacomCBS, Warner Bros., and many other demanding businesses.

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  Healing Impostor Syndrome E-Book
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